Mobility Disruption Framework (MDF)

Technological change is confusing because we live in the pixels, making it hard to see the full picture. Mobility Disruption Framework (MDF) is an attempt to explain mobility today, the forces driving change, and where we might be heading towards. It is structured into discrete sections with the overarching goal of giving a comprehensive set of tools for understanding the impact of technology and new business models on transportation and logistics.

We’re at a consequential moment in history: the pandemic has forced the world to pause. As we’ve slowed down, we’ve been given the opportunity to reflect on how we move - as individuals and as societies. As we prepare to speed up again, we have a unique opportunity to reinvent transportation - through innovation and policy at both local and global scale. By understanding our present better, we will have better tools for shaping this future.

Intro: The problem of automotive inefficiency

Part 1: The trip economy

Part 2: Technological building blocks

Part 3: New mobility bundles

Part 4: Supply evolution

Part 5: Upward mobility


About the author

Drawing of Olaf Sakkers

Olaf Sakkers

General Partner and Cofounder, RedBlue Capital

Olaf is led by a sense of curiosity to try to understand the kernel of what makes something unique or interesting. While serving in the Israel Defense Forces, he discovered how the rapidly emerging autonomous vehicle technology could transform transportation and be a unique opportunity for the Israeli tech ecosystem. He met Michael Granoff in 2014 and over the course of six years built Maniv Mobility into a leading global venture capital fund focused on mobility, managing $150 million and backed by leading industry players including Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi, Hyundai, BMW, Shell, Aptiv, LG and Valeo.

Born in South Africa, Olaf attended Princeton University where he majored in Anthropology, writing his thesis about frontier medicine and global health policy. The same interest in culture and understanding complex systems are what give him a deep sense of fulfillment from partnering alongside founders to build great companies which solve critical problems.

Olaf founded RedBlue Capital, an early stage mobility-focused venture capital firm along with Prescott Watson in 2021. He's also the author of Mobility Disruption Framework, a book that unpacks the rapid transformation happening in the mobility industry through the lens of microeconomics and colorful comparisons to household pets. He has spoken at numerous conferences such as Web Summit and Tech Crunch and has been quoted in publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times and Bloomberg.

RedBlue Capital

RedBlue is a global venture capital firm investing in leading mobility startups. Sector focus and deep insights make us the preferred partners to category-defining companies.

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