DOGs vs CATs

Dogs have owners, cats have staff. And so too with these two models for thinking about mobility.

DOGs are Dedicated or Owned Goods which means vehicles that are owned, leased, subscribed to or rented since they are dedicated to the use of a single individual. DOGs are loyal, waiting patiently for their owner when not in use and therefore generally reliable unless the specific asset fails. They tend to prefer the suburbs and the countryside, but in cities they have a tendency to pollute the sidewalk.

CATs are Common Asset Trips. These are all the kinds of trips that have a fleet of vehicles that support the service (including transit). CATs congregate most densely in cities, but are found almost everywhere when you know where to look. While most people will claim they prefer the loyalty of DOGs, they recognize the independence of CATs. CATs get around and don't have a particular loyalty, but are usually available just when you need them so long as you're willing to pay them something in exchange. They tend to be nimble and adaptable and also cleaner, faster and more efficient.

Drawing of archetype DOGs and CATs cards

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